Ein Chakra ist ein Kreis pranischer Energie, der den Pranafluss kontrolliert. Die feinstofflichen Chakren liegen entlang des Rückenmarkkanals und entsprechen spezifischen Regionen im menschlichen Gehirn. Sie sind durch Nadis miteinander verbunden. Diese führen in sie hinein und aus ihnen hinaus. Werden Chakren aktiviert, so führt dies zu höheren Bewusstseinszuständen. Genaugenommen sind aktivierte Chakren höhere Bewusstseinszustände. Chakren korrespondieren mit verschiedenen Organ- und Drüsensystemen im Menschen. Die Chakren funktionieren paarweise. Muladhara mit Ajna, Svadisthana mit Vishuddi und Manipura mit Anahata. 


Muladhara Chakra

Prostata/Gebärmutterhals - existentielle Sicherheit - Sitz der Kundalini Energie 


Swadhistana Chakra

 Steißbein - Sexualität - Sitz des individuellen und kollektiven Unterbewusstseins


Manipura Chakra

 Solarplexus - Verdauungsstoffwechsel - Selbstbehauptung/Wille 


Anahata Chakra

 Herz - Menschlichkeit - bedingungslose Liebe


 Vishuddi Chakra

 Kehlkopf, Schilddrüse, Drüsen - Verstehen/kreativer Ausdruck


Anja Chakra

Zirbeldrüse - Weisheit - göttliches Selbst


 Bindu Visarga

  Scheitelpunkt Hinterkopf - Konzentration - Wahrnehmung 


Sahasrara Chakra

  Scheitelpunkt Kopf - höchstes Bewusstsein



Vereinigt sich in Sahasrara Chakra die Urenergie Kundalini Shakti mit dem reinen Bewusstsein Shiva, dann wird das Gehirn erleuchtet. Verschiedene Yogaschulen unterscheiden mehrere Stufen von Samadhi.  




Purification and activating the chakras::

Chakra awakening practices begins with Agnya chakra. This creates a strong sense of detachment in the mind. This detachment is very much needed during lower chakra awakening because this can create tremendous instability, physical, mental, emotional shocks in the sadhaka. The techniques given in this lesson has been explained in the lessons on Hatha Yoga. Whenever there is a doubt learn the techniques carefully from an experienced teacher. 

Agnya chakra 
Shambhavi mudra 
Jala neti 
Jyoti mudra 
Bhramari pranayama 
‘OM' technique of meditation 

Mooladhara chakra 
Ashwini mudra 
Moola bandha 
Nasikagra drishti 

Svadhisthana chakra 
Selected asanas - Bhujangasana, Salabhasana, Dhanurasana, Siddhasana. 
Vajroli /Sahajoli mudra 
Ashwini mudra 

Manipur chakra 
Selected asanas - Paschimottanasana, Chakrasana, Dhanurasana, Mayurasana, 
Ushtrasana, Yoga mudra, Pawanmuktasana, Matsyasana. 
Agnisara, Uddiyana bandha, Nauli kriya. 
Pure diet. 

Anahata chakra 
Selected asanas - Matsyasana, Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana. 
Ajapa japa 
Bhramari pranayama 
Devotion to God, Guru, Deity. 
Devotional singing and dancing 

Vishuddha Chakra 
Selected asanas - Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Halasana. 
Khechari mudra, Viparita karani mudra, Brahma mudra. 
Jalandhara bandha 
Devotional singing 
Ujjayi pranayama 
Sit in any comfortable meditation posture. Keep the spine straight and body relaxed. Visualize the sushumna nadi as a hollow tube running from mooladhara chakra to agnya chakra. Visualize the chakras inside the sushumna at their respective places. The chakras are to be visualized as lotus flowers with their faces drooping downwards. Visualize the dormant kundalini energy, located at the mooladhara chakra, like a coiled sleeping snake with its mouth inserted within its coils. Visualize the sahasrara chakra, the seat of the soul, or cosmic consciousness as an infinite ocean of light and pure consciousness. 
Offer a silent prayer to the Divine Mother (Shakti) lying dormant in the form of kundalini to awaken and unite with Her consort Shiva at the sahasrara chakra. 

Now visualize the sleeping snake, the dormant kundalini energy like a gentle candle flame. This flame is slowly awakening and rising up the sushumna. As it awakens and rises visualize the lotus flower representing the mooladhara chakra has turned upwards and is in its full blossom. Keep visualizing the energy rising up and piercing each chakra. As the chakra is pierced the lotus flower turns upwards and blossoms in its full glory. Visualize the candle flame after piercing the agnya chakra has merged in the ocean of pure consciousness. At that moment feel that all dualities have disappeared, you have lost consciousness of the body, time and space. You are one with everything, in fact you are everything. Hold on to this blissful experience for a minute. 

Now visualize the kundalini energy again re-appearing from the ocean of pure consciousness and traveling down the sushumna going back to its seat at the mooladhara chakra. As the kundalini descends the chakras revert back to their drooping position. 
Repeat the practice 3 to 5 times. 
Kundalini experiences can happen spontaneously, where you simply seem to fall into the release of this energy quite by chance. To experience the surges of energy in the upper chakras when that is what you are trying to do is one thing but it is quite the other when one has no preparation or training to handle the awakened energy. Most often when people talk about it is problematic; crazy energy rushes, twitches, heat, anxiety attacks. These are all clues the energy is not balanced. You can open up to a higher chakra experience even if you are unbalance in the lower, but you cannot sustain that level. The needs of the unbalanced lower chakra will pull you down to satisfy those needs. 
When you feel strong currents of prana rising up the spine. All day and night you feel within your body some intense activity of prana. Even during sleep you feel currents of prana rising up in your sahasrara and even in dreams you experience her presence, know that the joy inspiring kundalini has come into action 
When throbbing of mooladhara begins, the whole body shakes or trembles, involuntary retention of breath takes place or there is spontaneous forceful breathing. Know then, that kundalini has awakened. You should then give up your conscious control and allow happening what happens. 
When hair stands on roots, you laugh or weep without your wishing, you are filled with fear or see frightening visions, semen passes out involuntarily, know that the kundalini shakti has become active. 

When you feel that some higher power has taken possession of your body and under that influence automatic movements of the body takes place or different postures of yoga are involuntarily performed without the least pain or fatigue and you feel increasingly buoyant, know that the kundalini has come into action. 
When your posture becomes fixed, uddiyana, jalandhara, and moola bandhas come involuntarily, your tongue reverts back or rises up towards the soft palate in khechari mudra or your eyes gets fixed at the eye-brow center shambhavi mudra, know that the kundalini has come into action. 
When automatic repetition of Aum or any other mantra takes place, when different kinds of nada (subtle inner sounds) become audible and the mind experiences waves of blissful beatitude, or you feel a sense of loss of body consciousness or awareness of time, know that the kundalini has come into action. 

When with the closing of eyes in meditation your body falls to the ground, or begins to rotate like a grinding stone, or the body squatted on the floor cross-legged begins to jump from place to place like a frog, or lies down like one dead, you feel contraction of nerves, you feel as if your life is passing away, the body undergoes convulsions like a dying fish, know that the kundalini has come into action. 

When no sooner you have sat with eyes closed in meditation the body begins to show activity of throwing out limbs forcibly, deformed sounds are loudly uttered, your speech begins to utter sounds like those of animals, birds, frogs, lion or like those of jackals, dogs, tigers, fear inspiring and not pleasing to hear, know that the kundalini has come into action. 

As soon as you sit for meditation you begin to sing melodious songs, whose composition takes place involuntarily. You pronounce languages you know not, compose poems or other forms of creative literature , know that the kundalini has come into action. 
When you feel intoxicated without taking any drugs, while walking your steps fall like one drunk and you are unable to do any other work and you like to remain mute and dislike speaking to or hearing others and you feel like one drunk of divinity, know that the kundalini, has come into action. 

When in meditation you see visions, have divine smells, see divine figures, feel divine tastes, hear divine sounds and experience divine touch and receive instructions from God, then understand that the kundalini has come into action. 

When in meditation the hidden meaning of the scriptures become clear, all doubts vanish, you acquire strange powers of oratory and tremendous self-confidence, understand that the kundalini has come into action. 

When in meditation glimpses of the past and future is seen, their mystery becomes known, it is a clear sign that the kundalini has come into action.

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