where is day there is night

where is black there is white

where is fear there is fight

where is love there is light




is the key

a heaven is right now and here

beyond the worldly games we play


we seek joy

our pleasures lead the way

we learn and grow and will not stay


we seek love

in love is our first liberation

through love divinity comes into manifestation


we seek divinity

and let attachment go

allow absorption to overflow


we cannot miss one step

we cannot loose the way

we´re guided by a cosmic ray 






 To radically step out of the pattern of re- acting leads to spiritual bliss.
To detach from the outside leads inside.
To connect inside deepens absorption.
The deeper the absorption the more bliss.





 When the mind has nothing to 'do' anymore it vanishes like a white cloud in the sky
Suddenly the no-thingness

The flower blossoms come rain or shine

 A bird sings
The being




The Telefon


  There are times it rings whole day
There are times only a few calls come in
Anyway it never stops ringing - until we pull the plug


It is up to us where we direct our attention
To our eternal self or the mortal body, emotions and mind
Meditation leads to discrimination first
Until we can disconnect and are connected - without effort

We can disconnect and reconnect the plug
Because it is your telefon
We decide, to pick up important calls & ignore the next gossip


This life is so precious and so beautiful
Without a telefon ringing all day
Being no-thingness
Being blissful



Spiritual ABC


All ways not as it pleases
Beyond not beside
Communion not communication
Divine not difference
Eternal not ephimery
Forever not forgetting
Godlyness not good
HereNow not hereafter
Infinity not insight
Jahwe not Januar
Kinetic not kind
Love not lonely
Moment not maximum
Nothingness not no
Order not overcoming
Peace not pacifying
Quit not quit
Ram not Rama
Sacred not sweet
Truth not time
Undying not unseen
V not ^
Wonder not will
X not y
Yog not yes
Zero not zenit