Interview mit Mikao Usui auf S. 6 - 8
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"Question: If for some reason one fails to do Reiki for a period of a month or so, does one lose the power?

Takata: That is a good question. No, once you have the “contact” through me (she was the only Master at that time), Reiki stays with you everlasting. But, it may or may not have the full charge come out at one time. Why? Because your battery down here (pointing to solar plexus) has run down. So, what do you do to yourself? Positions #1, #2, #3, and #4 of the first pattern. Your foundation treatment has to be done so that you recharge your own battery. And when that is finished, and then you treat people, the energy will pick up because you are not empty.



Question: When we are faithfully practicing Reiki, why is it that we have no success with our own pains?

Takata: If the cause has been there for 20 or 30 years, you don’t expect it to go away in one night. So, you have to keep on trying. But, then again you have to get it out, relieve your toxins and you have to have reactions. Reactions are a physical change, a body change. All the waste has to come out. Give (the Reiki treatment) a chance, so that the body does change. And then you have to rebuild. By rebuilding, you have to change your diet. If (the condition) is chronic, it’s going to take time. If the problem has been around for only a short time, the treatments will be more effective, and in a few weeks (you will be better). If it’s acute (injury that just happened,) once or twice–it’s gone.

Question: Will you speak about reactions?

Takata: Yes, reactions happen after (the treatment.) Now, very few people will have reactions after one treatment. But, if they are very, very ill, they may. And when reactions come, don’t panic. After a reaction, most people say “oh, they (Reiki) made me worse.” When you feel that you have become worse, that means the treatments are taking effect and that Reiki is beginning to cleanse you and your internal organs. You might start to experience diarrhea, or fever. For example, in chronic arthritis cases where you have lots of calcium in your body, you cannot get the calcium dissolved if your body does not burn or raise a fever. By continuing to do Reiki treatments, your body temperature rises and you might have a fever for four or five days. During this time, the calcium begins to dissolve and it may come out through your urine, through your bowel, or through boils that may appear near the affected joints. Just continue to treat and let nature do its job. When the body is ready, the boils will burst and calcium will drain from them. But most importantly, remember that in Reiki you have to remove the cause. If you can do that, there will be no effects left.



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